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10 Great HR Ideas

  1. Find out your numbers – Use the HR That Works Cost Calculator and get to the bottom line of your HR practices.
  2. Create a rolling 90-day game plan – You must plan to succeed and without a plan, you plan to fail. Focus on one strategic objective per month and update your 90-day game plan every 30 days. Make sure the leadership team knows what you’re up to.
  3. Reinvent performance management – First of all, realize that most managers and employees will be glad that you finally ditched the old system. Then, watch the Performance Management Training and the ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) recorded webinar and then conduct a workshop to see how you can generate a performance management system that works organically for your company.
  4. Introduce the Creativity Checklist and Employee Suggestion Form and require that people use it  The ideas you generate should help pay for the HR That Works program for many years to come.
  5. Create a social media policy that works – Involve the head of IT, marketing, and a group of employees to fashion an approach that works for all parties.
  6. Use the HR That Works Compliance Survey every six months – Doing so will ride you of unwanted claims in the process.
  7. Conduct an HR survey of your management team – The HR That Works Management Survey will let you know how the management team views the strength of your contributions and where they need more help from you.
  8. Bring your employee handbook to life – Fact is, most employee handbooks are boring at best. On the Employee Handbook page is the contact information for our graphics expert, Summer Bonne, who will help you getting your handbook act looking right.
  9. Ask yourself this when you hire: Am I more interested in creating the future or preserving the past?
  10. Have some fun! Be creative! Get out of the box! HR has a real opportunity to generate some positive dramas at your company- and we all know we need those!

Team Building Exercise Video

October 25, 2011 1 comment

Don Phin goes over a 5-minute team buidling exercise in this short video.

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